Multitasking is killing productivity

By: Daniel Lobo

Over the past decade, academic research has increasingly examined issues of multitasking and distraction as people try to squeeze more activities into their busy lives. Prior to the Internet age, some cognition science research focused on how behavior might be better understood, improved and made more efficient in business, hospital or other high-pressure settings. But as digital technology has become ubiquitous in many people’s daily routines — and as multitasking has become a “lifestyle” of sorts for many younger people — researchers have tried to assess how humans are coping in this highly connected environment and how “chronic multitasking” may diminish our capacity to function effectively.

Source: Multitasking, social media and distraction: Research review

Not that we needed more research into why multitasking is such a bad thing. I have various methods of coping with distractions, what about you?

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