My Biggest Pet Peeve

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We all have pet peeves, those little things that others do which they think is fine but you do not. While you think eating Lucky Charms out of the box is fine, your spouse may not.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn’t want to learn. We no longer live in a time where the days are constant. Every day there is a good chance that you will need to learn something new.

I know you get comfortable with the tools you currently use, and don’t want to spend time learning something new. But, there is always a chance that the new tool will end up working better for you, you just have to give it a chance.

This lack of learning something new is most prevalent when it comes to Smartphone apps. I can recommend an app until the cows come home for specific tasks, but as soon as I tell the person they need to install an app, they immediately shut down. Why is that? Some of it is poor password hygiene, “I don’t know my password”, other times, it’s sheer laziness. I find it incredulous that a person spends hundreds of dollars a year on a device and they basically use it for text messaging, calls, and Facebook. As someone who loves technology, this just burns my beans.

Go out, learn something new, and share what you’ve learned. Most people will disregard what you say, but there are others that will be most grateful.

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