The value relationship between the teacher (employee) and the school (employer)

Asymmetrical Benefit Masquerades as “We’re All in this Together”.

Source: Good Companies Don’t Ask You to Share. They Make You Want To – DEV Community ?‍??‍?

After reading this article I’m reminded of two things. The quote, which I’m going to paraphrase because I can’t find it or the author, “Great leaders don’t force you do great things, they inspire you to want to”. I’m also reminded of the article “We’re a Family” and Other School Norms that Can Cause Burnout.

We get a lot of, for lack of a better word, grief as teachers when it comes to our role of work. My background is music education, so I knew that I was getting in to a position of long hours, especially when it came to after school programs,  without pay. This doesn’t bother me, I knew exactly what I was getting in to.

Teachers are asked all of the time to provide their most valuable resource, time, for free to the district. How the district acts and treats their staff in the asking is a big tell on how the district is run.

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