A new handheld device to help teach programming

Pip is the compact handheld device that puts the world of digital creation, curiosity & fun in your hands.

Make fun games, invent your own apps, play some retro classics or take control of objects around you! Pip is here to introduce the world of coding, to make it fun & easy. Start with drag & drop programing then go onto play with real code and invent endless possibilities with Pip.

Pip can also be turned into a handheld game device or games console with the use of RetroPie, which you can plug in controllers & into your tv or monitor.

Source: Pip – Digital Creation in your Pocket by Curious Chip — Kickstarter

I really want to back this, but at over $200 it’s a little too much for something that I won’t have in my hands until fall of next year. The Pip has several nice aspects, the best is that fact that it’s based around the Pi. This helps in the support and future proofing of the device.

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