It is possible to get a second degree and other certifications while working full time

I’ve done a lot in the past year. I earned two Oracle Java Certifications, two CompTia Certifications, and freeCodeCamp’s Front End Certification. Each of these take most people many months of preparation, but I did them all in three weeks each.

And last but not least, I completed all the coursework necessary to earn a second Bachelor’s degree in software development from an accredited university, in less than six months.

I did this all while working full-time, spending time regularly with my wife and two young kids, and volunteering in my community.

Source: How I got a second degree and earned 5 developer certifications in just one year, while working and…

Read on for how a disenfranchised K-12 teacher changed to a career in programming. All while working full-time with two young kids.

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