Escape rooms in Google Docs (interactive fiction?)

For anyone who’s been lucky enough to spend the majority of the pandemic working from home, the idea of escaping the room (or couch) that’s become a makeshift office is probably a relatable one. Enter this series of “escape rooms” built in Google Docs, that let you do just that, inside web software you’ve probably become far too familiar with. “Part 3” of the game was finally released Tuesday, but you’ll never fully escape using Google Docs.

Source: You can escape this room, but you’ll never escape Google Docs – The Verge

Anthony Smith wrote what he called an escape room that I would call interactive fiction. The story begins with Escape and the entire story plays out over three parts. It’s a very clever use of Google Docs, very cool. 

It works by adding links to other Google Docs inside of the document. To create your own, copy the link of the destination document to the clipboard. Now, in the original document, highlight the text for the link. Go to the Insert menu and select Link:

Finally, paste the destination link. Your document now contains a link to the destination document. 


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