ⓔ Project management or LMS with Trello

Trello is a free project management service that could work very well in the classroom. The organization of Trello consists of the following parts, starting with actionable items:


A card is an item to be completed. Checklists, documents, pictures, etc. can be attached to a card to help you complete the item.


Each card has a discussion board, and members can be added to particular items.


Cards are grouped into lists.


If a card is assigned to a member their avatar will show up on the card.


Finally, boards are a collection of lists.


The lists can be called anything you want.


Depending on how your classroom is set up online, Trello could be used as a learning management system. For example, you could have one board for each class, or one board for the same class taught at different times. Items can be assigned, so students know exactly what is expected when.

Trello could also be used by teachers and administration on planning professional development, educational reforms, etc. Imagine how easy it would be to have one location for each district initiative?

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