Removing things can also be an improvement

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Life seems to get more complex every day, and for some things, we only have ourselves to blame. Although the mantras of Less is more and brevity is wit are well known, putting that thinking into action is not the usually the first idea.

Only a minority of people in various situations will see a solution where taking things away is a solution. And the weird part is, once shown as a solution it is not very hard to get other decision makers on board.

At school I try to follow the idea of, “if I add something then I need to take something else away”. This way of thinking came from my closet. I can’t continually add clothes, I’ll run out of space. Plus, I’m not that picky when it comes to picking out my clothes for the day, I usually grab whatever is on the end of the rack.

Could you improve your school life by taking something away? Researching this subject led me down the path of minimalism. If you have several hours to kill, go hop on YouTube.

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