Riv.yt makes sharing Youtube videos easy and distraction free

Source: Enhanced embeds & landing pages for YouTube videos.

Sure, you can simply send the address of a Youtube video to your students, but then there is the aftermath of related videos and comment sections. There are ways to view Youtube distraction-free, but what if there was an easy way to share a video distraction free without related videos or comments? That’s where riv.yt comes in.

On the riv.yt page, you can either search for a video to share or do what I did, paste the url of a video into the search box. riv.yt will search Youtube for the video. After selecting the video you can apply one of their backgrounds.

When finished, you are given a link to a video, such as https://riv.yt/4/suVQt0pfOLc or an embed code that you can use to embed their video on a website.

A pretty easy site to use to share Youtube videos without all of the extras!

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