Saving and sharing your bookmarks with Delicious

I guess I’m pretty old school when it comes to bookmarks. Although I still use browser bookmarks, I also use Delicious to store my bookmarks.


Delicious is an online service that allows you to quickly save your bookmarks. But if that’s all it did, it would be pretty lame. It also lets you tag your bookmarks, and through the tags (or your username) share those bookmarks as a link or RSS feed. The latter can be very valuable, because you can have your students subscribe to a class bookmark feed in an RSS reader. Yes, there are fancier ways of doing this with something like Flipboard, but sometimes you don’t need all of the fluff of Flipboard and want something simpler.

By selecting a tag for the class, students can also collect links easily for the class by bookmarking the site in Delicious with the classroom tag. For example, studying the Roman Empire? Use #MrCollinsRomanEmpire as a tag. If you simply used #RomanEmpire, there is a chance you’d get a ton of links from others. This isn’t a bad thing, because you could use #RomanEmpire as a search of Delicious for resources to use in the class.

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