Sharing: When Teachers Want Professional Development Hours

When Teachers Want Professional Development Hours – Cooper on Curriculum

A few weeks ago I was notified that a couple of teachers were looking to engage in a book study as part of their required yearly professional development hours. These teachers wanted a book recommendation…

Yes, some argue there are several problems with an hours-based approach to professional development. However, in this instance, I believe we were able to transform the need for hours into an opportunity.

I love this. A chance to reflect and converse on what the teachers read is awesome. PD should be self-directed more than not, and this is an excellent example of teacher led PD. There are also other options for PD, such as Edcamps, but teachers can also earn PD hours through practices they are already doing, such as blogging or presenting at conferences. Even leading a PD session earns the teacher hours. Check with your local professional development committee on what options are available. If something you want to do isn’t on the list, see if you can get it approved.

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