Hacking, Innovating and Failing Well—How Tech Sector Principles Can Revolutionize Education Workplaces | EdSurge News

Operating within archaic organizational structures, very few of our nation’s teachers have opportunities to incubate and execute ideas prompted by their deep knowledge of students, families, and communities. This includes ideas about how best to integrate technology. What if—along with adopting new tools for personalized, on-demand learning—our education system learned a thing or two from the technology sector about how to run a productive 21st-century workplace?

From my own observations, classroom management skills play a huge part in a teacher’s willingness to try new things. In my classroom if I do a lesson on paper (which I had to do a week ago because the internet was out) the students behave differently than in one of my normal lessons. They are more docile, like the elephant chained to the post, because, I believe, this is familiar to them. A lot of technology integration and innovative ideas happen at the middle school and high school level, but is that too late?

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