Here are some sites you can use to check if a shortened URL is safe

Someone sent you a link. It looks okay… but is it really? Whether that person was a friend or a stranger, if it’s a link you weren’t expecting, you shouldn’t really click it.

Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or some other social network or collaboration tool… whatever you’re using, there’s an opportunity for scammers and spammers to send you links. Most of the time they’re probably safe. But when they’re not, disaster can strike.

One of the quickest-growing security issues these days is ransomware, which is often spread by people unwittingly clicking dangerous links. Malware and phishing sites are also major risks.

While you should be vigilant about all of your online activities, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help.

Source: 5 Quick Sites That Let You Check if Links Are Safe

And if you want a quick way to unshorten URLs in Chrome, the URL expander extension can show the destination URL when you hover over the link.

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