Stay on top of your Gmail with Checker Plus for Gmail extension

Checker Plus for Gmail™ – is my new favorite Chrome extension!

At first, the power of Checker Plus for Gmail™ – is understated. Sure, there is a new icon of an envelope in the toolbar, and when you receive an email, the icon changes to show the number of unread messages. That’s all fine and dandy, but what else does Checker Plus for Gmail™ – offer?

Clicking on the toolbar shows your inbox (or other labels, more on that later) in the drop down.

Here’s where the power of the extension starts to shine.


Clicking on an email will show the email, but, more awesomely, it will let you reply directly from the drop down menu. This is a great way to take care of an email right away and get you one step closer to inbox zero.

Archive & Delete

Messages can be archived or deleted from the icon.


I move emails to a To Do label a lot, and with Checker Plus, I can triage my email without going to Gmail.


There are a multitude of options for you to look set. Right-click on the toolbar icon and select Options to see the options page. The only option I change right now is adding my Help Desk Reply label to the list of labels checked for new messages. This way I can reply quickly to tickets.

The pro version can be unlocked by contributing any amount to the author. This allows different sound effects for different labels and more.

Oh my, the developer also has an extension for Google Calendar and Drive

Be sure to look forward to those articles, once I get a chance to try out those extensions.

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