Streamline your YouTube experience with the Enhancer for YouTube Chrome extension

Source: Enhancer for YouTube™ – Chrome Web Store

I use YouTube… A lot. And the default interface is missing some controls that I would like to use. Enhancer for YouTube™ adds some much needed controls to the YouTube player.

Once the extension is installed, a row of controls appear below the YouTube player:

These controls allow you to:

  • Loop the video
  • Boost volume
  • Whitelist the video
  • Remove adds
  • Remove end cards and pop-ups
  • Show the video in cinema mode, dimming the comments and other areas of the web page
  • Expand video
  • Pop-up player
  • Change speed
  • Use video filters
  • Take a screenshot

Under the keyboard controls, the ones I use the most are j and l to ff/rewind 10 seconds.


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