Positive Classroom Management with these 10 Ps

UKEdChat magazine: The best classroom management techniques are subtle, pleasant, and pervasive. Rules and routines, as well as guidelines and guidance, are crucial, so teachers should always maintain a calm and confidence that inspires trust and earns mutual respect. Because every child requires growth in social, emotional, soulful, andacademic learning, teacher firmness …

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‘Let It Go’: A New Set of Classroom Management Strategies for the 21st Century | EdSurge News

I’ve made a promise to myself and my students: I have decided this year that I am making over my classroom into a “21st century” classroom. “What is a 21st century classroom?” you ask. 21st century classrooms include flexible seating, 1:1 technology, and student-led learning—in my opinion. But as in …

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6 tools for classroom management

6 Powerful Chrome Apps for Classroom Management

For those of you using Chrome in their instruction, below is a collection of some of our favourite extensions to use for classroom management. Some of the things you can do with these add-ons include: monitoring students in-class behaviour,  create and organize assignments, track students grades and progress, organize both formative and summative assessments, generate report charts and many more.

Although the title talks about Chrome apps, none of these tools require the use of Chrome.