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This past week I had a plumber come out to look at our water softener. He was pretty tech savvy, using his iPhone to document his process and to record parts that he needed. Unfortunately, he constantly force quit applications on his iPhone when he was finished. How do I tell him to stop doing […]

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ⓔ iCab Mobile is my new favorite browser on my iPhone

Browsers for iOS devices seem to proliferate like so many tribbles, but since they are bound by Apple’s rules, their performance is basically the same. It’s the features that differentiate them. After reading A Few Nice iCab Tricks for 2016, I abruptly spent my $1.99 for iCab Mobile and have been a happy camper ever since. […]

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CloudConvert has an iOS app

Yesterday I mentioned CloudConvert as a simple way of converting files, in that case, converting a Google Slides document to a series of graphic images. When I was playing around with CloudConvert, I found out they had an iOS app. I downloaded the app and it works pretty much as expected. It doesn’t require registration, and […]

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