Taking Notes in Vivaldi

Check out taking notes in Vivaldi for a quick way to collect information.

The Vivaldi browser has a note taking feature built in to the browser. You can access it from the toolbar on the right, but default it’s the 3rd icon down. I wasn’t too interested in the Notes feature before they added syncing, but now I’m interested in taking notes in Vivaldi.

The easiest way to capture a note? Highlight the interesting text on a page, right-click on the highlight, and select Copy to Note… from the menu.


Vivaldi will copy the text and create the note. Along with the highlighted text the address of the page and a screenshot of the page will also be saved. Unfortunately, note syncing does not include attachments for the time being, meaning that any screenshots or other note attachments will not be viewable on other Vivaldi installations.

You can also open the Notes panel and click on the  to create a new note.

The Notes panel is also where you can delete notes or organize the notes in folders. Also included is a button to attach files to the note or quickly add a screenshot of the browser window by clicking the camera button.

All and all, taking notes in Vivaldi is a pretty cool feature, and will become even better once Vivaldi adds an import & export feature for notes and the ability to sync attachments.

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