Test drive over 200 Linux distributions with only your browser

Source: DistroTest.net – The first online operating system tester

Are you curious about Linux but don’t want to mess up your computer to learn more? What about your students? DistroTest.net allows you to test over 200 Linux distributions with only your browser.

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system like Microsoft Windows and macOS. It’s the most used operating system in the world, powering every Android phone and a majority of the servers on the internet, along with ChromeOS that is running on the Chromebooks.

So many distributions

Linux is open source, which gives everyone the blueprints and, more importantly, the rights to create their own flavor. This has led to a ton of distributions being created, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian.

Limitations of DistroTest.net

There are a couple of limits put on the tests. For one, you will probably have to wait for a slot to open which will allow you to run a Linux Distribution. The virtual machine does not have network access, so you can’t browse or install software.

The biggest limitation is that you can not save anything created, so don’t work too hard on a project!

DistroTest.net is a really great way to introduce yourself or your students to alternative operating systems.

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