Whatever you do, don’t call these typing games educational

“Keyboarding was a new skill and computers were driving home the need for everybody [to learn to type],” Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing developer Mike Duffy tells The Verge. “And then suddenly, everybody had to do it and do it reasonably well. People had an interest on their own, but it was also parents thinking of their kids. It was driven by people wanting to use their computers effectively.”

But things are different now.

Source: Typing games are having a moment – The Verge

I’m not a big fan of teaching keyboarding, skills in isolation is not the best use of a student’s or teacher’s time. Get the students writing meaningful work their typing skills will follow. That being said, sometimes your students just want to have some fun, and here is a list of videogames that require typing skills.

Another fun typing game is Ztype, which is playable on the web or with an external keyboard on ios devices.

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