Create animated gifs from your Google Slides presentations with Tall Tweets

Source: Tall Tweets – Convert Google Slides to GIF and Tweet!

Tall Tweets is a free online tool that you and your students can use to create animated gifs. Although the site mentions creating gifs and tweeting them, you don’t have to use Twitter or even have an account with Twitter. You do need a Google account.

To get started, navigate to Tall Tweets and sign in with your Google account. Once signed in, you can select the presentation that contains the slides you want to convert into an animated gif.

To test out Tall Tweets, I selected a presentation that I did back in February. It had approximately 60 slides and took a little bit of time to open. Your presentations probably won’t be as big.

Once the presentation is opened, you enter a width, slide duration, and a comma separated lists of slides. Tall Tweets will use that information to create your gif.

My gif will be 320 pixels wide, each slide will show for 2 seconds, and the gif will only contain slides 1,2, and 3. Click Create Gif to complete the process. Once the gif is created, click the Save button under the gif to download your animated gif.

Really cool!

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