ⓔ With Dropbox, anyone can send you a file, no account needed

Dropbox is rolling out a new feature that allows a Dropbox user to request a file from anyone. Much like dropitto.me, except all within the Dropbox ecosystem. It’s always good to have options, and this gives you an additional option for collecting work or files from students and others.

From the Dropbox website, you will be able to request files from users, upon which they will get an email with a link. The link will take them to a Dropbox upload screen, where they can drag and drop a file or use the file picker to select a file. When the Dropbox user sets up the request, they can also select the receiving folder.

This feature rolls out for Dropbox Basic and Pro users today, and business users shortly. I don’t have it on my account yet, so I couldn’t test it yet.

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