ⓔ Using Periscope at school

The last couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with Periscope. Periscope is a live broadcast service that requires no set up (well, except for a Twitter account). After clicking on the broadcast button in the bottom toolbar, Periscope will ask What are you seeing now?.


Enter a topic, then click the red Start Broadcast button and you’re live! Really, really simple to use. When you are complete, Periscope will upload the video so others that missed the stream can replay it later.

While you are broadcasting, viewers can send hearts or type questions or comments. Unfortunately, the only way to respond is by talking. This means it works well when you’re broadcasting from a zoo and can narrate, but not so well if you are at a live music performance. I used it on a bike ride

I could see this being a great tool for short, raw, impromptu video broadcasts. Especially for those teaching moments that just “happen”.



  • Easy as pie to start broadcasting.
  • Only requires an iOS or Android device (and a Twitter account).
  • Video is uploaded for later viewing.


  • PORTRAIT RECORDING ONLY!! Landscape is supposed to be coming, but for right now you’ll be adding to the abomination that is vertical video. This is especially annoying when broadcasting stage events or sporting events.
  • Cell data could get expensive.


  • Quality isn’t the best.
  • Broadcasts expire, so be sure to save to the camera roll.

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