By: Jeff Dlouhy

\Recognize this language? ¿Cual es su nombre?

How about this one? { console.log(“Name: “ + myString); }

The first one is Spanish. The next, although those are English words, is JavaScript, a computer language.

Computers are everywhere, from microwaves to phones, from cars to the international space station. They may have different functions, but they run on the same thing: a coding language.

A bill, introduced by Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, would mandate that public and charter schools provide one hour of coding instruction once between grades 4 to 12. Kavanagh said it’s critical for students to learn the language – even if it’s only one session – so they can better compete for jobs in today’s world.

Source: Sen. John Kavanagh wants to add computer coding to Arizona schools | Cronkite News

I see the value in learning a little bit about how to code, but I don’t agree with making it a state mandate. When something is required, it becomes a “have to do” instead of a “want to do”.

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