Figuring out how to keep Google Drive organized seems to baffle many users. Here’s a handy infographic to remind you of some tips and techniques!

Source: How do I Keep Google Drive Organized?!?

I keep a folder for each school year. A couple of weeks ago I created the 18-19 folder and started using it for documents created for this school year. If I need to re-use a document from a previous year, I make a copy and place the copy in the current year folder. This gives me a record of what I did previously, and allows me to edit the document freely.

In the school year folder I’ll place the following folders:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Movies

Since I also do a lot with the district, I have a district folder and in it a school year folder. This is probably not needed for most people.

When using Google Drive, I use the Recents link on the left side the most.

How do you organize your Google Drive?

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