Emoji badges available in seven colors

Gold Books Emoji BadgesOver the weekend I stumbled up Twitter’s Emoji artwork, which is Creative Commons licensed, and thought how the emoji could be used to create some cool badges. I had also been looking for a project to try out Teachers Pay Teachers, and the Emoji Badges project was born.

I’ve been playing around with gamefication in the classroom and in the district, but a sticking point was putting together badges that could be earned.

50 Emoji badges in gold, silver, and bronze

First up is the free pack of 50 Emoji Badges in gold, silver, and bronze. This is a sampling of the emoji available. I envisioned each color as a different level, so students would earn a bronze for starting out, a silver for making progress, and a gold for mastery.

Gold, silver, bronze, blue, red, yellow, and green emoji badges

While I was at it, I created a full set of 1,653 badges in gold, silver, bronze, blue, red, yellow, and green. The resolution of the badges are 512×512 and have transparent backgrounds, so they should work for just about any project. I also didn’t include any text on the badges, leaving that up to the teacher to decide what the badge represents.

I’m still playing with prices, and I need to figure out how to bundle items on Teachers Pay Teachers. I’d like to offer all of them bundled together, but each pack is about 100 megabytes, and as such, are too big for the maximum size 200MB on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Even if you don’t use the packs, the emoji are available on the Github page in .svg format, which is useable in Libreoffice. Microsoft Word and Apple’s pages can’t use .svg files, you would need to convert them first. Google Docs doesn’t support them either.

Also in the repository are all of the emoji in Adobe Illustrator format, which is another scaleable vector format which can be used in desktop publishing.

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