Leading Administrators to PD waters via #edcamp – mccannbrian

I popped my head into one session: there were only two people in the room — talking about Mentoring New Principals.  Initially, I was saddened at the small turnout in this particular session.

Until I realized the these two people would not have met and had a professional discussion about a topic both cared about if it wasn’t for this . Those two young administrators were the reason that #edcamps continue to be held and thrive.

I don’t remember their names a month later, but their experience validated the power of for me.

is not for the haters.  It’s for the curious, the passionate, the vulnerable and the risk-taker.  This professional development empowers you to be a better school leader.

Source: Leading Administrators to PD waters via #edcamp – mccannbrian

Edcamps are an incredible experience, if you haven’t made it to one, GO! For a list of Edcamps, visit the complete list at Edcamp.org.

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