Martian perseverance

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On February 18, 2020, NASA landed the rover Perseverance on Mars. Half of all Mars missions end in failure, who knew it was so hard to land on a planet millions of miles away? Kidding aside, myself along with over 2 million others watched the livestream of the landing. I wonder, if this was before the internet, would I have gotten a chance to watch the landing live?

Every day I’m amazed at the advances we are seeing with technology. A lot of the teaching we are doing now wouldn’t have been possible even 5 years ago. Google Meet didn’t exist. Zoom was just getting started. Chromebooks were just starting to become popular. It’s been tough learning the various collaboration technologies in the past year. But, I see teachers doing things now that they were afraid to even approach last February.

The pandemic has been tough, but events like the Perseverance landing show what we can still accomplish.

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