Moose is a source of free stock photos from Icons8

Source: Free Stock Photos – Simply Beautiful, Creative, Professional | Icons8

It seems that free stock photos are available from everywhere, so why am I mentioning yet another one? Well, when I start to recognize Unsplash photos on websites and in videos, I realize that sometimes you need to mix it up.

Moose is yet another site of stock photos, but there is a sense of sarcasastimy (the act of being sarcastic, my new word for the week) by the models. This makes the stock photos a little more fun. The other feature I really like is the selection of photos with a transparent background. This adds a bit of pizazz when used in presentations.

A low quality version of the photos are available for free as long as you link back to the site. They have a paid tier if you would like to get a higher quality version. The low quality images are around 500×500 resolution, which is fine for most school productions.

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