Android has come to the Asus Flip Chromebook!

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With the latest update to ChromeOS today, Google has added the Play store to Asus Flip Chromebook. I’ve been spending the last couple of hours playing with it, and here is what I’ve found out so far. First, though, if you want to try it out on your Flip, you’ll need to switch to the […]

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#WmChamberlain: What If? Reading Journals

If this is really what we believe, perhaps it is time for us to re-examine book journaling. I have read the stories of kids ‘hating’ reading because they have to record what they are reading and when they are reading it (book logs). I totally understand how when a ‘want to’ becomes a ‘have to’ […]

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Unboxing the $69 (currently $49) PocketCHIP

On Monday, my PocketCHIP arrived! What is a PocketCHIP? It is a touchscreen and keyboard device for the CHIP $9 single board computer that also provides a battery and external access to the input/output pins on the CHIP. In the simplest terms, anything that you would do with a Raspberry Pi you can do with a CHIP, […]

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