Sharing: Checklist or Art Form? (via @gcouros)

Checklist or Art Form?

What we teach is not really as important as how we teach. In my first years of education, those suggested activities were my lifeline. I needed them because I thought of teaching as more of a checklist, than an art form.  “If I do this, then I will be able to say that I taught this objective.”  But the other element of this is that here is where I see this middle ground.  The art form should still help kids do better on any “test” because if they feel engaged AND empowered in their learning, they will know the subject as well as develop skills that will last them long past my time with them as their teacher.

George hits yet another out of the park. I get tired of hear from teachers that they want to do more, but can’t because of the curriculum. Unfortunately, I’m not as eloquent as George, but thankfully, I can point teachers to this article now!

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