Sharing: Why Open Education Resources Matter #GoOpen

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: Why Open Education Resources Matter #GoOpen

Might not be the best example but that’s what happens to educators everyday. We rarely have anyone knocking on our doors but the fact is there is a lot of money in a closed system of education resources. Educators face, on a daily basis, the fact that many of the resources they use are expensive, can’t be posted publically, can’t be remixed and can’t be shared.

This closed system of educational resources only hurts students. Using resources that require a specific piece of technology or can only be used in one particular way only serves to stifle an educator’s ability to innovate in their classroom.

The other side of this is when you use a tool, or an app, can you get what you put in back out? And, can you easily import into the tool or app? This is a lock in that is sometimes overlooked when evaluating tools and resources.

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