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Over 50% of students user Snapchat weekly, and that percentage goes up to 84% when you look at how many use it at least once a month, so if Snapchat is adding functions, it is probably something to check out. Last month it was an AI Chat bot, and things don’t look very good. The future is looking a lot more like the movie Her and less like Star Trek.

Another user for ChatGPT? Try HistorianGPT. I started asking questions about things I new about, such as the Kent State shooting and the MASH TV show and the replies seemed to be pretty factual.

In Chrome, do you know what the lock icon does? I use it mostly to drag the website address to the bookmark bar, but the icon can be used to check the security of the website along with different settings for the website. Since the lock icon doesn’t make sense for all the things it does, Google is going to replace it with an icon that looks more like settings. I don’t think this will affect students or staff since they probably don’t use it.


One company already has started buying ChatGPT for all of its employees.

Sociologists talk about one big problem with everyone having a smartphone, and that is the fact that people are rarely bored anymore. You may think this is a good thing, but it’s not.

What is memory and how should it be used?


Students are having tech issues caused by Google Workspace apps and smartphones. What are these issues? The lack of knowledge on file management. Most of them don’t understand what a file is, or a folder, and how to manage them.


Google Docs can create an auto-updating table of contents using headings. That reminds me, I need to do an article on what headings are in word processing documents and why you want to use them.

Curious about Canva? Richard Byrne has 66 Canva Tutorials for Teachers available.

I stumbled on this article and it reminded me that it’s possible to create a link in Google Chrome that highlights text on the destination page.

It’s coming up on the end of the years and here are 5 tips for creating a movie in Google Photos on Chromebook.

Pop Culture

One survey has found that 75% of kids between the age of 6 and 17 want to be a YouTuber. However, they probably have no idea how much work that entails.

Pot Pourri

AskReddit is a plethora of discussion starters for the classrom, including this gem, What would the person who named Walkie Talkies have named other items?. Another cool subreddit is /r/WritingPrompts. Both are sites you probably don’t want your students to have free reign on but nothing is stopping you from using some of the ideas as prompts or discussions.


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