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Google is updating how to find web apps to use in Chrome and now we are getting some screenshots on how it could look. I don’t know how much of a need this is, but it will help newcomers to the Chromebook ecosystem find the apps they need.


Do SMART goals work (h/t Another Think Coming)? And when they don’t, what does?

The Guardian writes that it is time to make English classrooms more creative again. I disagree. It’s time to make all classes creative.


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Another day, and another state legislature acting like they’re making change. Ohio is joining Indiana and Pennsylvania with bills that “ban” cellphones in the classroom. What they actually do is require districts to have a policy in place on how cellphones can be used in the classroom… You know, something that a majority of districts already have in place.


Google is simplifying how to set up two factor authentication. You no longer have to set up a phone with your account first, you can dive headfirst into using an authentication app or hardware key.

The keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive on the web are changing August 1st, but you can start using them now. Press t to open the settings and then arrow down to Keyboard shortcuts and press enter. In the pop-up, click Update now.



Math students in New Orleans are going on 60 Minutes because they were able to prove the Pythagorean Theorem with trigonometry, which was believed to be impossible.


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