Computer security experts are flocking to Google Chromebooks

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Thanks to the early focus on preventing cyberattacks, Chromebooks are also a hit with the security community. Security experts commonly recommend Chromebooks, whether it’s for the relative who somehow always ends up with spyware toolbars or the researcher heading to a hackers’ meetup. And it’s not about complicated encryption or security tricks — Chromebooks have […]

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Lower productivity and innovation due to security?

Most security teams use a “prohibition approach” of restricting user access to websites and applications, according to a study conducted by Vanson Bourneand commissioned by Bromium Research. However, this approach not only hampers productivity and innovation, but is a major source of frustration for users, according to the survey of 500 CISOs from large enterprises in […]

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Store your passwords and notes securely with Lastpass

Source: Lastpass One of the easiest ways for you to stay secure online is to use a password manager. Instead of using a password such as monkey182 on every site you use, a password manager lets you easily use a different password each site. Plus, each password can be very complex, such as r3E5u4*2AS2y. Lastpass is a great […]

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