Create pixel art with.. Wait for it…!

Source: Pixilart – Free Online Art Community and Pixel Art Tool

Here’s a very cool drawing tool that students can use without creating an account. That doesn’t mean they can’t create account, Pixilart supports creating accounts with Facebook, Twitter, or Google logins in addition to allowing accounts to be created with only an email.

Pixilart is like the other pixel art tools I’ve shared, such as Piskel and Lospec. The editor of Pixilart is more advanced than the other, and includes one of my favorite tools, the stamp tool with a bunch of premade stamps (shades of Kid Pix).

The documents can be saved to the local machine if accounts aren’t created. This could be an issue since students seem to no longer understand the concept of the open/save cycle. But, you could use Pixilart to help teach this concept.

Although Pixilart only requires a web browser, they also offer an iOS and Android app for those using iPads or Android devices in the classroom.

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