Get more out of your new tab page with Tabliss

Source: Tabliss · A beautiful New Tab page for Firefox and Chrome

It seems like I mention a new tab extension a lot, but I really like Tabliss. You can use the website at, the extension for Chrome or the add-on for Firefox.

Tabliss gives you something a little more exciting than the default page in your browser, which use usually a Google search box. You can add the weather, links, quotes, and format the date, just to get started.

The images are pulled in from Unsplash, and they look really good. Tabliss would be great to bookmark for those times when your computer is projecting on a projector and you want something just soothing or calming. Although, if you select Giphy as a source for background images you either get a big blurry mess or something that is likely to give someone a seizure.

You can also add links to Tabliss, so you could use this as your start page with the links you use most often, or the links you will be using that day.

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