Google Spaces is a new way to collaborate and share resources

Yesterday Google released Spaces, a web and mobile app, designed to facilitate sharing in small groups. It’s not to be confused with another instant messaging client, but more along the lines of a way to share links, pictures, and videos with a small group of people. I installed the mobile app and took the web app of Google Spaces for a spin.


I could see a Space set up for individual classes, and students or teachers can share content. Content can also be discussed, so Spaces can also be used as a discussion forum.


It reminds me a little of Google Wave, allowing participants to collaborate and discuss. On mobile, most web content plays within the app thanks to a built-in copy of Google Chrome.

Unfortunately, I had to play around with Google Spaces with my private Google Account. My Google Apps accounts gave me errors when I tried to use it, telling me that it needs to be turned on in the Google Admin Panel. But, there isn’t a way to turn it on in the panel. I’m assuming it will come soon (we are set to enable new services as soon as they go life in the panel).

More information about Google Spaces will come soon.

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