Vookmark is an easy way to bookmark videos on the web

Source: Vookmark – Bookmark videos, watch later

Vookmark is a web service with one goal, to help you keep track of videos you’ve watched or want to watch. Available on Chrome, Safari, Android, and iOS, Vookmark lets you bookmark a video simply by activating the extension or app. You do need to create an account, but once you are signed in, you can save bookmarks to videos.

Granted, you could do the same thing with your browser bookmarks, but I can see the allure of Vookmark since it separates your videos from all of the other websites you may bookmark. I find myself relying on my history and saved for later in Youtube quite a bit, but that doesn’t work for videos that aren’t on Youtube.

Staff and students could use Vookmark to curate videos for their use in projects or as resources.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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