Make Twitter useable with the Tweak New Twitter Chrome extension

Breaking up is hard to do, so I totally understand why people don’t want to give up Twitter. I’m in the same boat, I don’t want to either. But, can we make the experience better? Yes we can.

For you, algorithms, and suggested tweets

My main problem with Twitter, and it seems to be getting worse, is that your timeline is being invaded by people you don’t follow or content designed to get you to interact. I prefer getting my social media unfiltered, from the people I follow, without a lot of extra flack. This past week I stumbled upon the Tweak New Twitter browser extension for Chromium based browsers such as Chrome & Edge, and Firefox.

Once installed, Twitter almost becomes fun again!

Configuration and options

There are a ton of options to change how Twitter looks, but the defaults are good enough to get started. Once installed you’ll notice things look a lot cleaner. Your timeline is now just the people you follow and things they have posted. Retweets and quote tweets have been removed, along with any suggested content.

If you want to tweak it further, the website has a good list of what you can set up.

More enjoyable than before

Once installed, you may have to click on the following tab at the top of the page, but other than that, you will receive the tweets from people you follow in reverse chronological order. There won’t be suggested tweets from people you don’t follow or other nonsense.

Without a lot of the extras, I find myself enjoying Twitter a lot more with this extension. So much more that it’s difficult for me to visit Twitter without the extension installed!!

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  1. Curious about the advantages relative to TweetDeck which is the only thing that make Twitter usable for me.

    1. That’s a good point, I keep on forgetting it exists! I’m going to now add an article about Tweetdeck to my future post list, thanks for the idea!!

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